Our Story

"I have the simplest of taste, I am always satified with the best" Oscar Wilde

We are so glad you are here to take a peak in our wardrobe. Rescue Luxury is NOT a consignment store. It is our handpicked collection.

We're fashion entrepreneurs & working Hollywood fashion stylists, Shirley and Holly, and all this stuff, gathered over a lifetime by us, a lifetime of passion for styling luxury clothes, jewellery and accessories. After years together working, shopping and styling, the whole collection is vast so we've divided it into smaller collections for you to make shopping easier. You can also use the search to find all our hats, bracelets etc or to search by brand.

We hope you love everything as much as us.


Shirley's from Leicester and Holly's from Leeds. They met in London in 1988.

They worked together in Hollywood from 1993 to 2005 as fashion stylists and enjoyed a luxury lifestyle hobnobbing in LA LA Land and rubbing shoulders at the Oscars.

They returned to the UK from the US after enduring life changing circumstances to build their sustainable fashion brand made in England Venus Cow.

Both women, passionate recyclers and high thrifters believe beautiful clothes and accessories should be looked after, appreciated and shared over and over again.

Shirley an ardent collector of vintage and designer pieces, Holly a natural creative are excited to share the best of their collection.

Shirley and Holly have worked together for over thirty years and every piece hand picked by them tells it's own story.

"There's just something magical about the journey of rescued luxury"

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