New Kind Of Second Hand Designer Luxury Clothing Store


FYI Rescue Luxury is NOT a consignment store.

It is the handpicked collection of fashion entrepreneurs & working Hollywood fashion stylists, Shirley and Holly, gathered over a lifetime of passion for luxury clothes, jewellery and accessories.

As fashion stylists with our own brand Venus Cow we wanted to find a way to not only help our customers style up their affordable luxury black staples but also reward them with exclusive access to "The Back Room" where we keep all the things most precious to us.

For everyone we also offer at our Venus Cow store in Market Harborough, UK, an upstairs salon full of hand picked Rescued Luxury for styling in the hope of breathing new life into beautiful old things, (the clothes and jewellery not the customers)

The difference between us and a second hand consignment store, everything has been chosen by one person, so handpicked with a specific purpose in mind, flexibility and ease of styling. (We are not trying to sell other people's mistakes.)

Some people have a natural affinity for shapes and colour, a good eye, but we believe anyone can style successfully with the right pieces that all work together to build outfits.

Our goal here at Rescue Luxury is to bring you a curated collection, that whatever you buy you can guarantee you'll have pieces that all work together to build fabulous complete looks with helpful professional advice thrown in.


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